NRI’s management services cover the wide spectrum of needs tailored to each real estate operating asset. Our goal is to stabilize and increase asset performance, add value and economic efficiency through professional asset management, and provide hands-on management services.

Hotel Management

Hotel Management

We are creators of bespoke hospitality experiences.

Our approach to hospitality is non-conventional. Whether we are creating a luxury resort in the coastal mountains of Costa Rica or a development adjacent to a University, our method is consistent. We turn visitors into insiders as they immerse themselves in all the sights, sounds, tastes, and entertainment local cultures have to offer.

As developers and operators, we are invested in driving projects from inception, which enables us to stay agile and adapt quickly. Our seasoned Hospitality Team is experienced in pre-opening, opening, and task force, which allows us to mitigate the risk of using third- party companies and remain fully in control. We have a proven track record with over a decade of operating full-service villa resorts and achieving extremely high GSS and market share.

  • Pre-Opening & Training
  • Critical Path Implementation
  • Talent Selection
  • Sales, Marketing & PR
  • Revenue Management
  • Reputation Management
Beverage Management

Food & Beverage Management

We’ve brought together the top industry talent for our Food & Beverage Team, with joint experience opening over 50 F&B outlets worldwide.

The team-centric approach of having operations and creatives working in tandem is our forte. Every beautiful design detail has a purpose, and the overall function is the allure of our creation. Our core operational focus is improving efficiency from the bottom up, freeing us to focus on the guest experience.

We partner with emerging chefs who have a reputation strong enough to drive revenue and a mind smart enough to continue the work trajectory that brought them this far. Training is at the forefront of what we do, and we acknowledge that successful execution is the result of consistent, ongoing training and not irregular grand gestures. Our success rate in talent acquisition is a direct result of our carefully curated F&B team consisting of individuals with a strong following on both a national and international level. Yet, we pride ourselves on our ability to mentor talent, a more cost-effective manner to ensure the success of future projects.

  • Concept Creation
  • Pre-opening Critical Path
  • Chef Driven Outlets
  • Menu Development & Execution
  • BOH & FOH Talent Acquisition & Development
  • Performance & Operations Training
Residential Management

Residential Management

We are dedicated to creating experiences, rather than just building structures.

We build with the intent to curate purposeful experiences that touch all facets of daily life. Our residential components are designed with our future owners and residents in mind. Our team excels in strong property lease ups and tenant retention as we strive to build an engaged community at each of our properties. We pride ourselves in differentiating our product in each of the neighborhoods in which we serve. By doing so, we are able to curate a premium product.

  • Guest Experience
  • Market research & analysis
  • Lease Up & Lease Renewal programs
  • Building brand & positioning
  • Third Party Management
  • Facility Management

Property Management

We understand how buildings operate.

We can anticipate issues and provide long-term solutions from the start of the design process through construction buildout. NRI’s proactive approach to property management and preventative maintenance ensures successful building operations for each tenant and client. Our ongoing budgeting, expense management, and forecasting ensure positive returns for investors and clients, as well as efficient operations.

We help our clients anticipate market trends and stabilize existing assets by minimizing risks, reducing costs, providing efficient operations, and replenishing liquidity. We have a close relationship with our tenants as we stay involved in daily operations to ensure joint success.

  • Vendor management
  • Tenant relationships
  • Accounting services
  • Budget preparation
  • Capital expense planning/tracking
  • Market analysis
  • Lease negotiations, renewals, and expansions