Raul Zambrano

Raul Zambrano

Chef de Cuisine
Mamey at THesis Miami
Raul Zambrano

Chef Zambrano’s diverse experience includes 5-star hotels, luxury cruise lines, and high-end restaurants. His adaptability and pressure-handling ability are evident.

He skillfully applies both classical and modern culinary techniques to create diverse dishes. Besides traditional cuisine, he excels in Japanese cuisine, catering, banquets, and events.

His academic background spans a technical degree in culinary arts, Strategic Management of Food and Beverage, Business Management from Universidad de los Andes, and Political Sciences from Universidad Externado de Colombia, reflecting his comprehensive education.

He has also shared his expertise as a culinary teacher in Miami, demonstrating his commitment to continual learning and growth.

Zambrano’s teamwork, learning capacity, and respect for organizational values, coupled with his commitment, responsibility, honesty, and work ethics, contribute significantly to his career success.