CORAL GABLES, FL ‒ August 4th, 2022


We plan to file our quarterly (i.e. Form 10-Q) with the SEC, as per section 10.6 of the limited partnership agreement, on or before August 15th, 2022 (45 days after quarter ended June 30th, 2022). Within that filing, investors will find both updated financials for the investment, as well as the quarterly Management Discussion and Analysis of the business, as we had done for the first quarter of 2022. Please note that, as an entity that is publicly filed with the SEC, we are limited to making only public disclosures. In addition to our quarterly and annual filings, we will file Forms 8-K in the case that a significant event has occurred in the interim.

As a SEC filing entity, we are constrained as to the disclosures we can make. We understand that this reporting discipline may vary from those of private investment partnerships. We would gladly get on a call to discuss your questions subject to the disclosure limitations of a publicly filing entity.