Source: Transit Oriented Development Institute

In a rapidly growing metropolitan community where place-making is critical, the TOD Institute’s recognition was paramount in bringing attention to the fact that the metro rail system had come of age and that it further needs to be fortified with appropriate development around the core metro rail stations.
Brent Reynolds, President, NP-International (Paseo de la Riviera developer)

NP-International-Paseo-de-la-RivieraPaseo de la Riviera

The Paseo de la Riviera is a proposed new mixed-use project located directly across from the University metro station. The project consists of a hotel, a residential tower, and ground floor retail and cafes surrounding a car-free central public space. This is an exemplary project which meets the general goals and objectives of TOD, and meets all of the TOD Elements for Certification. Specifically, the Transit Oriented Development Institute would like to highlight the following exceptional features of this proposed project:

  • It is a catalyst project for the area, reestablishing an urban, walkable, mixed-use pattern of development in an area that currently lacks these features;
  • Building facades are situated directly along the sidewalk edge, rather than pushed back behind a parking lot, setting a new pattern of development to create a well-defined “street wall”. This creates spatial definition, improves the pedestrian experience, and creates a more inviting, walkable environment that de-prioritizes the car;
  • Exceptional and innovative design that hides the interior parking garage, with a combination of mixed-uses and attractive façade treatments;
  • Diversity of uses including residential, hotel, and retail in a single project, which in and of itself encourages internal walkability (discouraging driving);
  • The buildings very appropriately taper down in height to blend in with the low-scale neighborhood located directly behind. The low profile of the proposed building along Madruga Street is very similar in height and scale to what currently exists on the site now;
  • The Paseo itself is an incredible, pedestrian-exclusive public amenity space. This increases pedestrian safety and desirability of the development for residents, tourists, and neighbors alike.

Paseo De La RivieraThe Paseo de la Riviera features a branded hotel, spacious apartments, upscale retail, and a large public open space in the form of a classically designed paseo for residents, visitors, and neighbors to enjoy.

A “paseo” is both the act of a leisurely walk and a walkway. Paseo de la Riviera is more than two buildings (hotel/residential); It’s a project in the spirit of the traditional paseo, a place for walking and talking and living. It’s a space for communities to gather and connect, a central location for visitors to see the best of Coral Gables’ culture and style.

Paseo de la Riviera – Project information