Every CEO has a different path that led them to the top of their respective company. Some had the entrepreneurial itch that inspired them to start up their own business. Others worked their way through the ranks, leapfrogging their peers to get into that coveted C-suite office. Yet, almost all local CEOs have learned similar lessons along the way. Ten South Florida CEOs reflected on those lessons and more during a CEO Roundtable held March 5 at the South Florida Business
Journal’s Miami office. Moderated by Editor-in-Chief Mel Meléndez, the event was part of the Business Journal’s Roundtable series, where CEOs, CFOs and HR directors offer insights on topics of keen interest to readers. The presenting sponsor was Comcast Business, with corporate sponsor MBAF.

CEOs must adapt to unforeseen opportunities

Chief executive officers are constantly planning. Ever-focused on predicting the next trend, they lead their companies in crafting a strategic plan, oftentimes looking ahead years in advance.

Brent Reynolds, CEO of Coral Gables-based real estate investment company Nolan Reynolds International, says patience is key in executing the perfect move. He’s also consistently asking his team to re-evaluate whether the company’s current plan is outdated.

“In our organization, we always focus on the readying fire, rather than the ready, fire, aim,” Reynolds said. “We have that collaborative effort, but then we make a decision to go, versus just going for and doing something haphazardly.”

It’s better to prepare and execute, and he believes it’s part of the reason he hasn’t made any major decisions he regrets.

Is being a CEO what you expected?

“No from the perspective that, when I took the position, I thought my main responsibility was my core group. I’ve come to find out that the perspective is much wider. It’s not just about my team, but the communities we work in and my clients, too.” – Brent Reynolds, Nolan Reynolds International

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