Source: Miami New Times

Chef Niven Patel is one of Miami’s finest chefs. The toque, who got his start working at the Cheeca Lodge in Islamorada and Michael’s Genuine right here in the Magic City, came into his own when he opened Ghee. The Kendall restaurant, which serves Indian cuisine with produce fresh from Patel’s own farm, continues to be one of South Florida’s finest dining experiences. This past year, Patel opened Orno at the Thesis Hotel in Coral Gables, a stunning space complete with hanging vines and tasteful bookshelves. It is here that Patel lovingly works the line daily, stoking the wood-fired grill for pork chops, steaks, and branzino. But what makes Orno truly special is its founder’s care and respect for vegetables. Instead of being an afterthought for people to get their greens in, the chef elevates them to works of art: Grilled carrots are dressed with a zesty yogurt, farm corn gets a hit of Calabrian chili, and sunchokes are charred and topped with a tart and sweet vinaigrette. At Orno, Patel mixes his fine-dining roots with the literal roots he pulls from the ground with his own hands.

For more information, visit: Orno Miami

1350 S. Dixie Highway, Coral Gables, 33146