Source: Miami Herald


That Gables segment also includes a quarter-mile piece to be built by Brent Reynolds at NRI. The Friends of the Underline board member is also developer of the Gables Station mixed-use project now under construction along Ponce de Leon Boulevard. Under the permitting agreement with the Gables, Reynolds will contribute $3 million to build and landscape the trail portion, which is now being designed by Kimley-Horn, the firm already working on the design template for the entire Underline.


Next to the trail, Reynolds will add a public dog park, the city’s first. The municipality will pitch in $300,000 toward the dog park.

His architects designed the Gables Station building to face the Underline, Reynolds said. An expansive courtyard will open up to the trail, and the ground floor will have food, drink and other “activated space,” he said. His concept is to get building residents out to the Underline, and Underline users to the retail — just the kind of symbiotic flow that Daly envisioned. It’s also an attractive lure for potential residential and retail tenants, Reynolds said.

“Our idea is to draw people out and into the Underline space,” he said. “It’s definitely part of our story. It plays well into modern-day trends of health and wellness and alternative means of transportation and connectivity.”

Reynolds plans to start building his Underline section in the second quarter of 2019, and it should be ready when Gables Station opens in late summer 2020, he said.