During the land boom of the 1920s, real estate developer George Merrick launched his dream of creating America’s first fully planned community, Coral Gables – known as the “Miami Riviera.” Behind the grand gates of Coral Gables is the MacFarlane Homestead Historic District, developed as a black residential neighborhood by Merrick, where many Bahamian immigrants built homes that have been in their families for generations. GRACEFUL VOICES captures the stories and experiences of the Bahamian and African American women who were born there, forged lifelong friendships, and developed a passion for their community. Their powerful and sentimental memories shed a light on the history that is still being built. Many of these women were born in the homes they live in today and are determined to keep these homes in their family for generations to come. Knowing that their determined voices could make a difference, these resilient women stuck together and forced change. They fought desegregation and injustice, and they did so gracefully.