Nytimes Casa Chameleon

Casa Chameleon Hotels in New York Times article on full resort buyouts

“We found if we can keep it somewhat affordable on a per room or per guest basis, then it’s something in the range of a normal vacation and people get very intrigued”, said Brent Reynolds, the chief executive of Nolan Reynolds International, which runs a few small hotels in Costa Rica where private bookings have quadrupled since the pandemic.

Niven Patel Grazianos

Niven Patel, Graziano’s ink restaurant leases at Life Time Coral Gables

Chef and restaurateur Niven Patel and the Argentinian restaurant group Graziano’s are each leasing space at Life Time Coral Gables, a $500 million mixed-use development that’s expected to be anchored by a Trader Joe’s grocery store.

Chef Niven Patel

Niven Patel’s New Miami Restaurant Is Giving Him Hope

The Miami chef, whose restaurant group Aya Hospitality encompasses four other restaurants, is now a week into his new spot, Mamey at THesis Hotel in Coral Gables, FL, and he feels more refreshed than he has in months. And that’s saying something, considering that he and his wife, Shivani, welcomed twin girls in June.