Anamaria Tolci Soare

General Manager Thesis Hotel Miami
Anamaria Tolci Soare

Anamaria Tolci Soare joins the team as the General Manager for THesis at Paseo de la Riviera project where she will be leading the opening and programming of a unique lifestyle hotel.

Prior to joining the team at NRI, Anamaria worked for many years at Menin Hospitality, a full-service hospitality management company offering expertise in every aspect of hotel and food and beverage management. While part of the MH team, Anamaria held management roles at various properties within the company’s portfolio. She was the General Manager for the Gale South Beach Hotel and part of the opening team on this project. She also played a key role in the transition of the Mondrian Hotel where she actively held the position of Hotel Manager before transferring to the Shelborne Hotel as a General Manager for the property.

Anamaria’s expertise is primarily focused on hotel openings, training and development of successful teams, establishing strong and lasting customer relationships. Anamaria has a proven track record of excellent results in guest satisfaction scores and financial scorecards.

Born in Romania, Anamaria has always felt the drive to explore and experience more. She took the opportunity to study abroad and earned her B.A in International Business from St. Louis University, Madrid Campus and her M.B.A from Florida International University. Her international background and affinity for hospitality have proven as great assets in her career development. Anamaria can easily adapt and navigate unknown territories with ease, collaborate and create inclusive work environments.